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#FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education) is a disruptive innovation in the world of medical education that has spontaneously emerged from the myriads of open access medical education resources being distributed on #SoMe (Social Media). FOAMed encompasses the passion of educators who believe in freely accessible content for lifelong learning and open discussion. 

As everyone has probably experienced, social media platforms have become a major player in today’s society both as a means of collaborating, networking and information sharing. It has also become the best way to stay on top of the latest, most relevant articles/studies as well as get quick opinions from experts in the field. Here we will be bringing up some of the most enlightening tweets and examples of how twitter enhanced our knowledge for the same. This is a short collection of a few tweets to begin with since the list is exhaustive!

Haris Kamal, MD1

Neuroendovascular Surgery Fellow
Westchester Medical Center at New York Medical College

Katarina Dakay, MD1

Neuroendovascular Surgery Fellow
Westchester Medical Center at New York Medical College

Radial access is here to stay, thanks to a good amount of detailed and excellent papers, the learning curve for the NIR community has been relatively easy to conquer. | View Tweet

Our fav site keeps getting updated with newer and more detailed diagrams ! | View Tweet

A little of history intertwined with medicine makes for a rich, full bodied experience ! #onlyonmedtwitter | View Tweet

First introduced as a medicine in the 1890s, Aspirin works for everything ! In this study, aspirin use decreased rates of growth of aneurysms over time. | View Tweet

Plaque enhancement and surface irregularity were found to be strong indicators of downstream ischemic events in symptomatic ICAD in a metaanalysis of 21 articles. | View Tweet

Persistent penumbral profiles beyond 24hrs may continue to benefit with reperfusion, tissue is brain ! | View Tweet

The newer low profile WEB17 helps track into smaller caliber vessels with an 0.017 inch microcatheter | View Tweet

Guess most of us are ready for TNK ! | View Tweet

Lots more to come in the world of acute CRAO management, it may be too soon to write off thrombolysis ! | View Tweet

Gotta use all the tricks in the bag to achieve best outcomes ! #reperfusion | View Tweet

Never a dull day in neuroendovascular , v imp to know rescue strategies ! | View Tweet

Imaging resolutions keeps getting better and better. | View Tweet

Larger is better for aspiration ! More to come as a host of large bore catheters are being placed higher than ever ! | View Tweet

MT2020+ A global collaboration to reduce the burden of stroke and increase access to thrombectomy.  No better way to spread the message than through medtwitter ! | View Tweet