MT2020+ News, Progress, and Updates

The Mission Thrombectomy 2020+ (MT2020+) Global Executive Committee (GEC) has been hard at work over the last year to activate its regional committees. These committees provide critical input and aid in the expansion and implementation of the global strategic plan by collaborating with other regions that may not share similar roles and functionalities. MT2020+ has further developed the organization of its regional committees to ensure the development and implementation of tasks at the local level in each region/country. Currently, there are over 85 regional committees activated globally.

As MT2020+ has continued its mission to increase access to stroke care and mechanical thrombectomy globally, the committee is committed to measuring the various levels of access to ascertain areas of need to collaborate further. The mechanical thrombectomy access score uses a Modified-Delphi method to establish areas of need to further collaborate and ensure timely access to stroke care.

In addition to these projects, the MT2020+ Core Executive Committee teamed up to author a white paper titled “Mechanical Thrombectomy for Acute Stroke, Building Thrombectomy Systems of Care in Your Region: Why and How”. This paper was targeted towards healthy policymakers to examine the widespread inaccessibility and disparities in receiving mechanical thrombectomy treatment.

Throughout 2021, MT2020+ has organized two large scale virtual webinars and one two-day virtual conference during the 2nd annual SVIN Break Conference.  On May 15th and 22nd, MT2020+ heard from twenty-two of its regional committees from six different continents. In addition, this two-day event included major updates on upcoming partnerships with Medtronic and the Angels Initiative. In addition to these meetings, MT2020+ will host an MT2020+ Brunch at the in-person SVIN Annual Meeting in November. This event will incorporate hybrid components to share international updates from regional committees throughout the world.